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Hi guys..

I'm after a bit of advice from the beautiful people on my flist who know about such things. I haven't bought a corset in a good few years for various reasons, but now I'd like to look into getting a few new ones (If my body gets used to them okay now with the fibro thing, we shall see) as I'm managing to get and about more and have more opportunities to wear nice stuff (yay!).

Sooo.. I'd like to know any up to date links for decent corsetieres. I've got a few places bookmarked, but some places seem to have out of business since I last bought one, and my needs have changed too! I'm particularly after suppliers who deal with us larger curvy peeps. Oh, and I'm after boned underbusts and/or waist cinchers. I'd prefer if the supplier was within easy travel distance obviously, but any and all guidance is much appreciated!

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I can't do easy travel distance, sadly. Lulu and Lush (Fairy Gothmother) is my favourite, but they're in London. They are WONDERFUL.

Harlots and Angels in Leeds are likewise excellent and used to make to measure.

And I recently got introduced to Cyber in Glasgow who seem to be amazing and I really want to visit.

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Fairy Gothmother have some gorgeous stuff, but I don't they go up big enough :(

The others I shall investigate, thanks lovely!
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Cyber definitely does goddess sized corsets.

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Do you know whether they have a website? Google's just coming up with reviews and business listings :( I don't know whether my fu is failing, or there isn't one.
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I don't think they do, sadly.

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Poop :( Still, I shall keep an eye out for the name, thank you!

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Corsets Uk offer 3 for 2, and their heavy boned and waist training ones are apparently excellent

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Oh, they look GORGEOUS *gets lost in the site immediately*

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Aha! THAT was the site I was trying to find. A friend of mine mentioned it last week when I was asking where she'd got hers from.. whee! Thank you!

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Linky to H & A:
they do still do made-to-measure, and we've found them really friendly to talk to on their stall. My bf's been measured up for a man-corset, and was chatting away about extra D rings and hanging straps to attach things to and all sorts.

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Another vote for H&A then! Shall look into that, ta!

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Can't offer any advice on corsets, I'm afraid, but I'm happy to hear you're so much better and getting out and about more! *hugs*

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*smooshes* Yay, and thank you!

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There was a girl who had a corset shop in Lewis' in Liverpool before it shut down - I got my velvet corset with the straps from her - but I know she still does mail order. She has a stall at Whitby so I'll get a business card and give you the details when I get back. If she makes stuff that fits me, she'll def make stuff that fits you!

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Oh excellent stuff, cheers love! J's going to Whitters, so if you happen to bump into him on your travels can you pass it on to him, or point him in the direction of the stall? Thanking you sweety, and have a fantastic time!
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I just had one made myself but don't regret it. Sadly I am too far away to be of much help in Australia but I got mine from Marquis de Sade.

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I actually make corsets on a made to measure basis, particularly with the more curvy lady in mind (being one myself). I can make pretty much anything :)