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RIP the beautiful and wonderful Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith). Really gutted about the news, geniunely upset. She seemed such a lovely woman, I would have loved to have met her. The outpouring of messages all over twitter and DW message boards from adults and children alike right now is just a small measure of how much she was loved, and will be missed.

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*crosses fingers*

I *think* I've actually succeeded in backing up this LJ over on Dreamwidth. Hoorah! I've had the account there for aaagggeees, and haven't done anything with it, so ta da! It'll only be a back up for here mostly, but in case of LJ nonsense, feel free to add me over there too:

ETA: Now all LJ has to do is to stay upright for long enough that I can back up my comments too.. tch.
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Posting on behalf of a friend! This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun :D


Mar. 18th, 2011 01:48 am
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I've got soooo many pics I keep meaning to post up here.. maybe this meme will jog me into getting around to it :) (And hopefully my camera will be up to the task of this meme!)

Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about - it can be anything* from my favourite shirt to my books or my home. Leave your request as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in a post. That way, you get to know a little bit about my life.

*work safe

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Needing music recc.s like woah.. soooo behind on decent recent releases..

Anyone?? Halp?
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So.. I had a big blog entry planned, and I do have lots to say, but, well, basically to sum up..

I'm having another baby!

(Yes, that's why I've been quieter than normal these last few months.. I couldn't trust myself not to say anything! I'm 10 1/2 weeks gone, and I had my first scan on Tuesday, and everything is fine and dandy! Baby is due 15th September, 8 days before my birthday. We've been kinda' half-heartedly trying since mid last year, so it wasn't entirely unexpected, but the timing itself was a bit..'Wow!' :) I've been tapering off my meds, which added to the fibro/ pregnancy has wiped me out more than a little, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely. Jason has been an absolute star, bless him, and Nathan's delighted and fascinated in equal measure in all the ways a 6 year old boy can be:).)
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To those I've loved and laughed with this year. Danced and hugged and cried with.. may the next year bring you all the things you deserve. Gxx
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I bought these for the Glamtroupe  as part of a silly fun pack of stuff to keep them amused on the bus at the Birmingham GNT gig. I'm glad they made good use of them backstage! The pack was called 'Bearded Lady' :DDDD


Oct. 25th, 2010 06:13 pm
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Hi guys..

I'm after a bit of advice from the beautiful people on my flist who know about such things. I haven't bought a corset in a good few years for various reasons, but now I'd like to look into getting a few new ones (If my body gets used to them okay now with the fibro thing, we shall see) as I'm managing to get and about more and have more opportunities to wear nice stuff (yay!).

Sooo.. I'd like to know any up to date links for decent corsetieres. I've got a few places bookmarked, but some places seem to have out of business since I last bought one, and my needs have changed too! I'm particularly after suppliers who deal with us larger curvy peeps. Oh, and I'm after boned underbusts and/or waist cinchers. I'd prefer if the supplier was within easy travel distance obviously, but any and all guidance is much appreciated!

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I got a new tattoo and a few piercings today. Yey! I've had a series of things planned for a while, I just haven't got around to em!

So.. I got my tatt done first... on the inside of my left wrist.


After! Yey!

The symbol is the one used to symbolise pansexuality. :) I've been wanting to have this done for a loooong time, and it's a pretty big deal to me, so YEY!! I is VERY happy.

(If you want to know more..)

One who's affections, romantic, platonic or sexual, are potentially geared towards anyone regardless of sex or gender identity.

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This is a workaround for the horrible Twitter/Facebook options on your LJ that's been doing the rounds. This removes the option to click them for those commenting on your journal. Sharing the love around. This does work.  Quoted as written:

"As many of you are probably aware, LJ released the option to link your posts/comments to Facebook and/or Twitter, which was probably one of the dumbest things they've ever done since anyone with Twitter seems to already have their LJ friends on it, and then Facebook and LJ are the lines that never, ever cross. Because I, for one, don't need my cousin's 12 year olds to find the mansex I write.

The following line of code, though, doesn't just hide the repost boxes to you like the Greasemonkey code for Firefox going around does. It completely removes the option for everyone viewing your journal or community. I've done it for this comm as well as my personal journal.

1. Go to Journal > Journal Style

2. Go to Customize your theme

3. Go to Custom CSS

4. Copy and paste .b-repost-item {display:none} (make sure you're just getting the bolded text) into the Custom stylesheet

5. Save changes

Now not only can you not crosspost comments, but anyone viewing your account can't either. This doesn't get rid of the reposting option when you're making a new entry, but at least that one's easy to avoid."
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Foggy brain meant I haven't mentioned this yet, but I'm DJing here tomorrow night:

£3 for two floors.
Drinks offers, promos.. etc etc.
Come and play.
Advance requests welcomed!
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Dear LJ and your new anti-privacy policy. FUCK YOU. Seriously. Fix it. I've only just paid for another year. I want my money back if this continues, because I won't be using LJ if it continues like this.

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Jul. 28th, 2010 12:42 am
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Umm.. well, of tonight, I'm DJing on Friday here:
Friday 30th July
Deathbed @ Le Bateau
62 Duke Street
Liverpool L1 5AA
0151 709 6508

I'll be DJing the entire night, downstairs, 11pm-3am, for my sins ;) It'd be great to see some familiar faces, in fact REALLY great. This isn't my show, and it's really last minute, but it sounds like it could be a laff. £3 on the door,and you can't say fairer than that. Goth/Industrial/Alternative and advance requests would be cool too.

(Indiecation will be running on the top floor for the curious)
Facebook event listing


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Righto.. This will only appeal to certain people on my flist, so I apologise to the rest of you in advance. This is extremely last minute, as the last few weeks have been full of me thinking about stuff for my sister's wedding, so apologies for that too!

I have in my possession a spare ticket to go and see a TV recording for 'Tonight's the Night' with John Barrowman for THIS upcoming Sunday in Glasgow. If anyone would like to come along, the ticket is free, but you'd have to meet up with me to hopefully get in. So anyone interested?
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Here, have some cats :) Ghost!cat isn't too impressed by my photography skills:

Piss off and stop taking my picture

Bumbles are growing *really* fast
big bumbles
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Om nom nom

Om nom nom. Here is your daily kitten picture (yes, this will stop at some point!).The bumbles and mum are still doing well :) Feeding is just so funny to watch. They're both feeding brilliantly, but ocassionally they'll find themselves at the same nip, and scramble against and over each other. I'm going out on a limb here.. but I think the one that has a ring of white all the way around is a male, and the one with it's tabby patches connected is a female. I could be wrong though ;) Have ideas for names, but Jase looked at me with a very much WTF expression when I told him, so that could take some work yet!


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