Oct. 4th, 2005

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As well as this coming Saturday night with our usual freakshow at After Dark and Midian .. I'll be DJing as part of the following event. If you're not at Whitby this Hallowe'en, keep your eyes peeled for this stormer! 



Situated just off Argyle Street in Birkenhead, just a few seconds walk away from Birkenhead Central Train Station, and a short walk from the main bus-station... The club is the old Harveys building, near MSF ford on Thomas Street.

Event Date Friday 28th October 2005 (@ 9:00 PM)

End Date Saturday 29th October 2005 (@ 2:00 AM)

Poison Arts - An Alternative talents agency that actively seeks work for our members. We are having a Launch party for the project at Club Hex in Birkenhead on Friday 28th October, 9pm - 2am (As a Halloween bash).

A Night of Fiendish fun & Frolic, with performances through the night from Dancers, Poi spinners, Fire Eaters, Magicians and much much more. Fancy Dress of all varieties is actively encouraged, this is a Hallowe'en bash after all! Demonic entities, and angelic superstars.. we want to see you all in your spooky finery for this one..

Music through the night by DJ sistercarrion & DJ Andy - a riot of seasonally sexy spooky tunes to bewitch and entertain.. metal*rock*gothic dark gems*sp00ky tunes*

The Poison Arts venture is primarily set to actively seeking work for our members through our huge list of contacts (A list generated by over 8 years of corporate business from my company) - Something different from people paying money to have a profile on the internet and noting else. Also secondly, hopefully bringing a community together and using the site as a single portal to shopping for alternative clothes, a list of events, forum etc. For more information on what we're about please see the website: http://www.poisonarts.co.uk

Tickets are £4 in Advance from Hex venue or the Poison Arts shop. £4.50 on the door (Limited number)

See you there




PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A HALLOWEEN PARTY NIGHT THAT I'M DJING AT, AND NOT AN AFTER DARK/MIDIAN NIGHT ie.. I'm not running or organising this event. You will get a few gothy tunes thrown in, but the emphasis is firmly on the rockier end of things, but it should be much fun!!


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