Apr. 1st, 2010

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According to Plato- "The beginning is the most important part of the work."

..but I'm not so sure *g*

Anyway, here I am at the beginning, and there's no way around it, 'cept to maybe say it's a backward ending. Or something equally as profound and utterly meaningless. Basically, it comes to this.. Aspect is a personal project I want to try to keep going for a year at least. It's aim is to kick start my crafty making stuff, provide some images, quotes.. whatever takes my fancy as a springboard to further creativity really. Whether that be fic, painting, jewellery, sculpture etc etc etc.. I don't really mind. My memory  and cognitive 'fog' are often pretty bad these days (It took me nearly an hour to just edit this little bit, and I'm still not happy with it!), and I wanted to create something that'll help me to push for those creative leaps, and hopefully in turn, keeping my mind busy will help with the 'fog'.

So there's likely to be pictures of things in my life that make me happy (don't worry, all NSFW will be clearly marked and behind a cut!), lyrics, phrases, pictures gleaned from the internet, and personal images from my stash.

Comments are open, and I'm leaving these posts publically viewable, as I'd like feedback, links if you've found something inspiring yourself, general crafty chat about things that come up,  projects, talk with as many people as possible about this.

So, yeah.. here goes!

(Image via www.quotesandsayings.com/quotes/beginning/ )


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