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Sunday 28th August
Bar Area
11.05pm (after Blutengel)-12.35am

Bit of a 'populist' set, but what the hey!

ASP-Sing Child
L'ame Immortalle-Epitaph
Dreamside-Open Your Eyes
Mechanical Cabaret-See Her Smile
Katscan-Flowest Cunning Demonator
Hypetraxx-The Darkside (r)
Cruxshadows-Marilyn,My Bitterness (r)
New Model Army-No Rest (br)
Siouxsie and the Banshees-Mirage
Depeche Mode-Personal Jesus (br)
Pop Will Eat Itself-Ich Bin Ein Auslander
Sheep on Drugs-15 Mins
Zeromancer-Dr Online (r)
Ultraviolence-Electra (r)
Combichrist-Today i woke to a Rain of Blood
And One-Panzermensch (r)
XPQ21-Dancing Queen
Goldfrapp-Strict Machine
Peaches-Set It Off (br)

(br)-Band request
(r)-Track Request

Many thanks to Mr Guy for inviting me.. i had a blast.. thanks to all the support crew for making everything go so smoothly..
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I'm DJing at Infest this year on the Sunday evening. The website says the night finishes at 2am. However, can anyone who's been before tell me how quickly they chuck out after? ie Does everyone mill around for a bit chatting etc, or do they chuck you out quite quickly? Also I could urgently do with knowing whether anyone out there is travelling back into Leeds after finish on Sunday night?

I'm planning to go up just for the Sunday really, due to travelling/babysitting stuff. Potentially, i can stay at my sisters in Leeds overnight, before travelling back on Monday. Can anyone also help me out with any advice as to whether a taxi journey from Bradford-Leeds afterward would be feasible cost and distance wise? If so, any reliable firms to book with, and useful places to tell them to pick me up from would be very much appreciated.

If there is anyone who would be willing to give me a lift back into Leeds on Sunday night, or indeed anyone who is travelling all the way back to Merseyside on Sunday (which is another possibility), I can help out towards petrol etc no probs.



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