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Voltaire tickets

Wheee! The tickets that we are direct-selling arrived today. Who wants one? 
No booking fee.
I'll be out and about at several places over the next few weeks to sell some.
Contact me via comments or at : sistercarrion[at]midian[dot]org[dot]uk for more details

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As promised here is a rundown from last Saturday. And what a frantic, sweaty, fun and laughter -packed day it was!

Huge huge thanks to all who braved the heat to join us throughout the day and evening. Firstly a bit of an apology. We really really wanted to keep the doors open throughout the evening. Unfortunately, in order to comply with the terms of its' licence, The Casa had to shut the interior and firedoors whilst live and loud music was on. This meant that the large ceiling fans whilst appreciated, were just pushing warm air about for a lot of the evening!

There was a huge amount of behind the scenes help given, in order to help things run so smoothly. Below is just a brief round-up just to show the sheer extent  of the fabulous people who took part. It may read like a bit of a love-in, but everyone was honestly so helpful, thoughtful and ace in their respective fields, I was so blown way. You made the event happen. In no particular order:

The crew on the day  who provided sterling work in the face of boiling weather included Simon and Sara our stalwart door bods, Nat, Steven and George who put in lots of hard working hours helping with backstage, setting up and packing down. Mention must also go here to those who volunteered assistance that in the end wasn't needed. Many thanks for the offer of help, much appreciated guys! Top work to those who took part in the fashion spots, especially wearing sometimes heavy clothes in that weather. You all looked stunning :) To all those who contributed time and energy into putting together the stands, stalls and signings. To Storm, Anne, Dom, Emma, Debs, Marie, Leona, Jane and all their helpers, photographers and models go mucho kudos. Everything and everyone looked so amazing, how you all managed to look so composed, calm and fabulous i'll never know! There were fantastic tunes from some top notch DJs including Andy/DJ Grimly Fiendish from Blackpools' Misery of Sound, Geoff/DJ Echo from the Wendyhouse in Leeds, Bryan/DJ Ghost and DJ Marie from The Charnel House in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and of course from our very own Midian star DJ Simon/DJ Psychomagnet. You all had peeps dancing, even through the heat! To help us round the day off in style we had onstage electro antics from Adfinem, who returned to the live stage in style, Miss 616 who was stunning and fantabulous in equal measure, and who managed to wrangle in a very willing co-participant in the form of  Dom for a storming version of 'Endgame', and Uninvited Guest, who were just so so spot on and such stars in all respects. Thanks also must go to the management bods and merch guys who helped with the bands. Extra thanks here must go to Alix, whose assistance with the sound, and work alongside Jason we really couldn't have done without. Thank you sweeties, you all rock, and if i've forgotten anyone, it's because this ol' bastard has a wonky brain, and not because we don't love you :D

Thanks also to Adfinem and Attrition who provided us with the CDs we gave out to the first people through the doors. They were very greatly recieved. Cheers!

We will shortly have the total of pennies raised towards helping the creation of The National Bat Centre at Flaybrick Memorial Gardens. They were recieved with many thanks by John Moffat, as the representative of the charity. Anyone who would still like to contribute in any way is urged to check out their link below.. it's a very kewl venture, that's well worth supporting.

There were lots of photos taken throughout the day, but unfortunately my camera kept seizing up in the heat a lot of the time :( However, I did see some great shots of all that was going on, including some backstage antics with a porno pepper mill and some bananas!!! If anyone, including press etc has pictures they'd like to share with us, i'd really love to see them. If we can put them on our website (with full credits and linkages), we'd love it even more. Please send any you feel we'd like to see to the addy below.

We'd also love to see any and all feedback and reviews of the day, including any advance advertising so if anyone sees any, we'd really appreciate a heads up and/or clippings :)

We were extremely happy (and not to mention knackered) at the end to have put on such a well-received event. Above all we couldn't have done it without the support of all those who came along. Seeing happy faces and dancing bods throughout the day was the biggest buzz.

The biggest thanks of course remains for my beautiful and talented better half, Jason, without whose help, assistance and patience this wouldn't have happened. *mwah* sweety.

Cheers all!!
Next Midian is on Saturday 26th August back at our new/old venue Hex, Birkenhead


Please if you enjoyed this event, check out some of the fab bods who were involved:

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Anyone out there willing to take some Midian eXtra flyers to distribute around the likes of Chester, Manchester, Liverpool  etc this weekend and next week ? Ruby will you be hitting any clubs when you go to Wolves, could you take some?

We've got lots of flyers here, and it'd be a shame to see them go to waste, and I find it hard to get out and about a lot of the time..

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Cross-posted like a mofo, please feel free to redistribute wherever appropriate:

'Ello there!
Midian wants you, yes you!

 If you are a photographer, reviewer, radio DJ etc, then we need you. Midian is hosting an all day eXtra event  on 29th July in Liverpool. The focus of this is on cross-promotion of the wonderful array of talented folk that make up the UK goth scene, including artists, writers, promoters, bands, photographers, publishers, models, DJs, creators of fantastic clothing, accessories and acoutrements!

 We're looking for anyone interested in covering it in any way, to help showcase some of the fabulous people we're going to be featuring on the day. We can organise a day pass for people who register interest before the event. We can also provide links via our website to anyone officially taking part on the day. Please note, no requests for press/photography will be accepted on the day itself. Any requests for interviews to be made in advance. Press release available upon request. In exchange we ask is that any official photographers allow for us to potentially use copies of their pictures on our website (with full credits to them and links etc).

 We're also looking to promote as many events, nights, photographers, shows, artists, bands, websites, models, performers and businesses that fall under the 'goth' banner as we can. To this end we are actively encouraging people to send us in flyers, business cards, posters etc that we can display and put around at the event.

  Also,  if anyone would be willing to take some of our flyers to help promote the event, it'd be much appreciated. Again, please contact the e-mail below with a snail mail address and details of how many you can distribute.

 Any interested parties please contact myself in the first instance with details to:

More details of the event are available in the following places:



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Flyer (back and front) for the upcoming Midian eXtra:

Midian eXtra front
Midian eXtra back
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Just as a bit of advance notice, to start saving some pennies for the Midian eXtra 29th July. Here's a taster of some of the stallholders we'll be playing host to:

Anne Sudworth & Storm Constantine.  As well as signings/ appearances, they will be hosting stalls, at which you'll be able to purchase some of their work including books and prints. Storm will also have books available from Immanion Press

Xero Photography will be selling original prints, as well as displaying work.

Uninvited Guest will have a merch stand, at which you'll be able to purchase their scrummy CD as well as t-shirts and the like.

Heresy Clothing
Forever In Black
Morgana's Lair (Quiggins Liverpool)
Shameless Originals
Alienskin Clothing
Fangs, Fetish & Fantasy

I'm so looking forward to this...

Incidentely, we're on the look out for a couple of  reliable volunteers to model as part of one of the fashion shows. For the purposes of this particular requirement, we're after females who are between UK size 10-14, and would fit in size 24"-30" inch corsets. You'll gain free entry to the event, get to dress up in some gorgeous finery, and even have some professional photography shots taken whilst modelling the clothing. Any serious volunteers please contact myself in the first instance on: sistercarrion[at]midian[dot]org[dot]uk  ASAP
Please no timewasters as all prospective models will be working closely with the business concerned to help showcase their beautiful designs.

We're also after reliable bods who would be willing to do a spot on the front door duty on the day. This will be in the same room as all the action. If enough people help out, we should be able to ensure that each stint would only last an hour. This would just be to help out so that people on the door will be able to rotate breaks and get to see some of what's going on instead of getting a numb bum!


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Due to work commitments, DJ Psychomagnet will be unable to join us this evening. Bah! Which means all the more reason to come out and support us! If anyone can help with setting up/ taking down kit, we'd really really appreciate it. It's a very time consuming job for just two people, as we have to now set up the whole PA and lighting rig.  Anyone helping us will be rewarded with free entry and our gratitude. Who knows if we get really busy, we may even be able to stretch to a few beverages for a thankyou :)

Quick reminder that we taking a break for June, and as there is no Cabal at the mo, it means that there won't be be any goth nights running in June. We may organise a pub meet or something though. All the more reason to come out tonight if you can. After tonight we return on the first of July.
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We're about to book dates from August onwards at our new venue for Midian nights and events. We have been recently booking nights on a Friday, but this new venue offers the opportunity for us to be a bit more flexible. To this end there is a ickle poll this way to help us to gauge general opinion of those who regularly attend Midian, or are planning to soon. Please please take this poll if you care about your gothy-type nights round here. It's very important to try and get as many along, to gain feedback, and to maximise turnout as much as we can. This is especially so when the new venue will be observing closely how busy we get. Plus, it's more fun with more people to play with ;)

Cheers in advance for your help

PS Don't forget the first Midian in our new venue is this coming Friday 26th May in the Casa , 29 Hope Street, Liverpool. Doors open at 9pm. Guest X51 is on from 9-10pm. £3 entry. Please come early to support him!
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For our Midian eXtra all day event on July 29th at The Casa in Liverpool we've still got space for a couple more stallholders. We're particularly looking for a retailer that stocks CDs/records. Stalls are free and you're welcome to stay open as long as you wish within the opening time. For further details please check out the links below. Please be quick if you are interested as remaining stalls will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Any interested parties please feel free to contact myself on:

or leave a comment here. Cheers!
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Here's how the line up is currently shaping up for our fab all day Midian eXtra event on Saturday July 29th 2006. Held at our new venue, the Casa on Hope Street, Liverpool, we hope to bring you some of the best in dark alternative culture this country has to offer.

Live on stage:

Uninvited Guest
Fresh from their storming set at this years' Beyond the Veil, these guys are on the brink of something big. Be there, up close and personal while you still can! These guys will be helping us to round our event off by headlining the evenings dark entertainment.

Miss 616
The twisted mistress, vocalist and fighting force behind the mighty 616 Abortions, steps forward to treat us with a rare solo outing. New solo songs, covers and even some 616 Abortions tunes. You won't want to miss this!


Plus very special guest appearances from:

Anne Sudworth
The internationally renowned goth artist joins us with a display of some of her fantastic work. She'll be available for signings throughout the day. There'll also be the opportunity to purchase some of her prints, cards and books on her stall.

Storm Constantine
The acclaimed dark fantasy author and publisher joins us for signings throughout the day. There will also be the opportunity to purchase her books, and others at the Immanion Press stand.

We also have fashion shows throughout the day from the fabulous:
Heresy Clothing

Who will also be providing the best in dark alternative clothing on their stall.

Music during the day, between and after bands from DJs Grimly Fiendish (Misery Of Sound, Cabal), Psychomagnet (Midian) and sistercarrion (Midian, After Dark, Carrion Screaming)

Plus there's more more more in the pipeline to still be confirmed.. wheee!!
Stay tuned kiddywinks

Midian eXtra @ the Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool
£6 entry (gives you entry to all events)
Full bar in the main room. Hot and cold food available from the front bar area throughout the day.

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For once this is on behalf of someone else! A lovely chap called Howard is organising and promoting a charity band event @ Prescot Lodge in Liverpool. Despite being extremely ill himself, he's doing this in aid of Ronald McDonald House, which is based at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool. We've volunteered the use of our PA for the day, and he has one band lined up, but he really needs some more help. He has difficulties getting out and about to speak to people, so this is an appeal for anyone who can help him out in any way. He is wanting to cover as wide a range of music on the day as possible. Obviously as this is for charidee there won't be many funds available for paying those involved, but he says he'll be able to cover people's transport costs. There will also be food available on the day, and local media coverage. Alder Hey are a very worthwhile cause, offering a comfortable and secure friendly enviroment for seriously ill kids and their carers. The event is to take place on Friday 14th July 2006. He needs a few bands who like playing to a general mixed crowd, rather than just yer average goff. He also needs extra bods on the day to help out, including stage hands and sound engineers.

If anyone at all feels they're able to assist, then please contact me either here or via my e-mail:
where I can forward the details on to Howard.

Please feel free to pass on the details to anyone you feel may be able to assist.

Cheers for reading.


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'Lo all..
Just a quick confirmation of our upcoming dates for Midian. Luckily, given our recent upheaval of venue, we've not actually had to change much. So dates now read as follows:

FRIDAY 26th May (w/ guest DJ X51)

SATURDAY 1st July- This is a change to the advertised (14th July) date, and is the nearest date we could get to the last Friday of the month. Again there will be NO date in June.

SATURDAY 29th July is our Midian eXtra all day event. W00t and other such exclamations of joy :)

Please note last orders at the Casa are 1.30am. However, the venue stays open until 2.15am. The front bar is also open for pre-club drinkies.

As usual, any and all help is much appreciated, and can be rewarded by free entry :)
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I'm very pleased to be able to finally announce the following...

As part of our fun all-day eclectic Midian eXtra event on Saturday July 29th,  the evenings' entertainment will be rounded off by the dulcet tones of the following live music acts:

Uninvited Guest
Fresh from their rip-roaring set at this years' Beyond the Veil IV,  these guys will be performing a headline set for us. If you've never caught them before, you've got to catch them at this date. On the verge of the bigtime, be up close and personal while you still have the chance!

Supporting Uninvited Guest, we have a very special guest support in the form of :

Miss 616
Miss 616 will already be very familiar to some of you as the mistress and mastermind behind 616 Abortions (ex Squid), and in her other roles as organiser, promoter and DJ at the fabulous Dark-cide and Electo-cide nights in Preston. Over the past few years, we've been very lucky to have had the excellent 616 Abortions play for us, as well as Miss 616 providing us with top tunes in her role as guest DJ on several occasions. This gig will see her performing a a rare solo set, including covers, some new songs, and even maybe one or two 616 Abortions ditties.


There'll be a wide range of entertainment, fun and festivities throughout the day including art displays, fashion show, DJs, stalls, and even goth karaoke! Stay tuned for more details appearing very soon! The idea behind this event is to cover the wide range of delights that goth 'culture' has to offer up, some of which can sometimes feel a little sidelined.

If you wish to be involved in any way in the event, there's still time. Whether you're an artist, photographer, writer, performer, stallholder,  DJ or stage hand we'd love to hear from you. There's no fee for stallholders, and we're pretty flexible in terms of display room, and times for getting in and out of the venue.

Midian eXtra is running in addition to the normal Midian clubnight in July, which has been brought forward a little to accomodate the lack of a Midian date in June. Check the links below for up to date news, directions, dates and times. Midian eXtra will be taking place on the afternoon and evening of Saturday 29th July @ Bar De Mille, Paramount Buildings, Fraser Street, Liverpool L3 8JX  The venue is right next door to the National Express coach station, with national train links being quite close nearby. Parking is available on the car park across the road from the venue.

Contact details are:
Via LJ at:
Via Yahoo! :



Apr. 10th, 2006 12:40 pm
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'Lo all,
Are there any kindly bods from around here (north west) going to Whiters this April? If so, would any of you have room in your suitcases/rucksacks/coffins for some Midian flyers? We'd really appreciate it if someone would put a few flyers around for us. In exchange, you'd get free entry next Midian, and our gratitude.

If anyone would be up for helping, please leave a comment here, or e-mail me:

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Quick reminder that tomorrow night sees the first date of the VNV Nation/[:sitd:] tour in Birkenhead nr Liverpool

There are still some tickets available on the night on the door, but please arrive early to avoid disapointment. Doors open at 7pm, first band on at 8pm. Band curfew is 11pm, to allow peeps travelling to get back. However there's ace tunes throughout the night from Miss616 (616 Abortions/Electro-cide/Dark-cide) until 2am.

For more details, travel info etc.. please check our website at:

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Looks like John will be joining us on DJing duties for the upcoming After Dark/Midian date on Oct 8th. Good good.

Can I encourage all who be regulars and enjoy it to tell a pal about us, or bring along someone who may not have been for a while? Pass on the good news, as it were.. Due to the fact that we now have to hire the venue, we have been running on tight margins recently. We don't look to the night to make that much, just enough so that we can feed it back into the night, as we do with all our profits. We've had to put up the costs by a measly pound this month for this reason, so the door fee is now £2 before 10pm, and £4 after.. which i'm sure you'll agree is still a bargain for 2 floors!

Anyhoo.. can i also remind all those who haven't as yet got a VNV Nation/ [:SITD:] ticket, but who are planning to come along, that time is creeping up fast to the Nov 23rd, and tickets are selling at a steady pace. You can get them in person from us at the next After Dark/Midian on Oct 8th, with no booking fee.. or of course from Music Non Stop (with a booking fee), and Bad Ass Boutique in Liverpool..

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Hi all,
I'm a nosy bugger, and would love to see any reviews that came out of the charity all-dayer from this past weekend. If anyone could point me in the direction of any that are about.. I'd be very grateful..

As i didn't manage to catch many piccies myself, I'm also on the lookout for any footage, either moving images or stills. We can put them up on the Midian website with full credits if anyone would be up for that..

Cheers all
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Whee! Thanks to Sophies' fab mum, we have a lovely piece written about the forthcoming charity all-dayer on Sunday, in the entertainment section of the Wirral News. There should be a few other bits and bobs popping up elsewhere too..

Anyone who's still willing to donate goodies to the above cause, is asked to send it to us asap ;) Cheers for all those who have donated so far, you're all stars.


Busy morning, with a flurry of phonecalls and emails.. but i love this bit :)


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Can i refer you all to this post ? I'm after as many goodies as we can possibly sort out for a monster raffle for our charity all dayer.. If you've stickers, lighters, badges, novelty knickers (not worn!), promos, t-shirts cluttering up the place that you'd like to donate.. then please drop me a line asap. It's for a great cause, and anyone generous enough to help us out will get a credit..




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