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Aaahh.. most excellent night. Thanks all for such a good turnout, especially given the change of venue and such. More later..

Thanks to Sophie for DJing too..

Tired now. Not sure were the rest of the PA,lighting rig, mixers, decks and bags of wires and 'stuff' is going to go, when J goes to collect it today. I've already seemingingly lost the kitchen to the speakers!! We mayhave to move out at this rate!
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I promised everyone a bit of a rundown as to why the quick change of venue took place for Midian this week. So, *deep breath*  here we go..

On Monday evening just gone, we received 'the call of DOOM' (tm) from our very lovely friends from the Mercy nights, Mike and tiana. They'd happened to be driving past the Bar De Mille, when they'd noticed metal shutters down (a feature not normally present), and no sign of the venue being open. Luckily they are good friends of ours, because then they were able to call us. I dread to think about how the situation could've turned out if we hadn't have known in advance of this Friday *shudders*.

Upon much calling about and investigation throughout Monday night/Tuesday, which at one point involved several calls to Liverpool Police, and the City Council, I found out the following:

Bar De Mille has been repossessed, following non-payment of rent by the licensee. Apparently this was known about for some long while, a court case (during which he was present) having taking place in March. The landlord, being the City Council, took repossession of the property on Friday 21st April, at which point it was shuttered up. Our PA equipment, along with Mercy's equipment was left in the building, due to the bar manageress telling the court bailiffs that it wasn't the Bars' property. We had no inkling from the licensee that this was going to take place, not even a heads up to remove our stuff.

So, the result being that we had no venue in which to hold any of our planned dates, and indeed no way of getting our equipment back in the near future. ARRGGHH!!

Well, after a lot more calling around, I was able to secure The Casa for future dates. This is an ideal venue for us, and we can see ourselves just being able to settle straight in there. They have their own bar in the back room. There's good security, and the room is of a decent size with a stage area. They're also a long term business, with a good reputation. Only  two problems then being that we potentially  weren't going to have immediate access to our equipment for this weekend, and that the Casa was fully booked for this weekend. We really really didn't want to cancel. We hate cancelling at the best of times, and have only ever done it when we've been let down extremely last minute, or fucked about royally. We had so much planned for this Midian, what with celebrating a birthday bash, Kris having a leaving/birthday get together, a prize giveaway, and Sophie guesting.

So, anyway, as you all now know I was lucky enough to be offered the Brook Cafe, after calling the management who were keen to have us visit ;) I had been offered use of the Cafe by close of business on Tuesday night, but was still awaiting final confirmation which came very early on Wednesday morning. This is why I was so cagey when i saw some of you out at Adult books on Tuesday night. I didn't want to jinx ourselves!The Brook Cafe as it wierdly turns out is very apt for us to use for this date, being as it was the original home of Midian, way back when, and the fact that we''ll be celebrating 4 years of Midian. It also has it's own PA, which was handy for us not knowing when we would be able to retrieve our kit. It's also well-known by our regulars, which was an important consideration given the last minute nature of the venue change, and the fact that it'd be a one-off at that venue.

We now have everything in place for tomorrow :) Yey! I'm so happy that we've managed to do this. I never dreamed when i first heard the news on Monday night that we'd be able to organise everything in time.

We have got a full PA for Friday night, along with our usual  touches, plus cake and balloons.

Our own kit, we're hoping to get back tomorrow afternoon. The delay has been due to contractors closing down the electrics in Bar De Mille. They've had to keep putting back the time when we can gain access, due to delays there. I'll just be glad to have everything back in our grubby little mitts. I'm really hoping everything will all still be there, we've been assured that it is,  fingers crossed it should be. If not, we've got channels we can take up to retrieve it, but I don't want to go that route if we can avoid it.

There you go, a little (rambling) insight into the frantic runaround that makes things happen ;) I wouldn't normally go into such detail, but this week has been so surreal, I had to write it all down somewhere!! Thanks to all those who've helped along the way this week, you know who you are. It's sometimes the little comments that make things worthwhile.

I'm really up for a party now, so watch out :)

Hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow.



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