May. 29th, 2006

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Didn't go to video shoot today. Sorry George :/ I've been feeling really ick again today, and my hip has been quite bad. Bleh! 

That Triangle thing was good again tonight. Anyone else been watching it?

One the good side we had a wee little BBQ tonight with the 2 of us, before the weather decided it hadn't quite rained enough yet. Nummy rose wine too.

Heh. Wow, I'm full of interesting stuff tonight aren't I?

I will write up about Friday eventually. It always takes me a few days to get back on track.. my brain is a bit fried..
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Observation whilst watching old Isle of Wight festy coverage on CH4.

Supermodel-shagging Notting Hill-type smackheads make for bad bad music. God i knew he was shoddy , but that was atrocious. Why do people insist on still parting with their cash to see Pete Doherty?

Very poo-err
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Many, many thanks to those who came along last Friday to Midian. Special thanks go to those who helped us set up/take down, and extra special thanks to our guest DJ X51, who did an extra hour for us with little notice. I'm sure you'll agree he did a sterling job! Next Midian is Saturday 1st July w/guest MadX, then Saturday 29th July is our all-day event. See links for more details.


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