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Quick reminder that tomorrow night sees the first date of the VNV Nation/[:sitd:] tour in Birkenhead nr Liverpool

There are still some tickets available on the night on the door, but please arrive early to avoid disapointment. Doors open at 7pm, first band on at 8pm. Band curfew is 11pm, to allow peeps travelling to get back. However there's ace tunes throughout the night from Miss616 (616 Abortions/Electro-cide/Dark-cide) until 2am.

For more details, travel info etc.. please check our website at:

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Don't forget folks! The VNV Nation/[S.I.T.D] gig is imminent.. and
time is running short to buy advance tickets.

This is looking to be a fantastic gig. On Wednesday 23rd November we
have two of the biggest names on the scene playing for us on the
first date of their UK 'Formation' tour, in a rare opportunity to
see them up close and personal.

This is the official relaunch of the Hex venue, revamped,
redecorated, and re-equipped after the fire. As well as the live
music, we have the gorgeous DJ Miss616 of 616 Abortions/ Dark-cide/
Electro-cide fame providing us with dancefloor fillers between and
after bands until 2am. We also have supporting artistes in the form
of the excellent cage dancers courtesy of Poison Arts.

Don't miss out on this rare event for the area.

There are tickets still available from the places below:

In person from myself or Jason (no booking fee)
Bad Ass Boutique in Quiggins, Liverpool (with a booking fee)
The Hex website at: (small postal charge)
From Music Non Stop at: (£2 extra
booking fee)
The Midian website at: (with a small postal

Unfortunately we are unable to reserve any advance tickets that
haven't been paid for, due to the high demand for tickets. We advise
that people buy tickets in advance of the gig in order to avoid
disapointment. They're cheaper in advance too!

Ticket price in advance is £12 (plus booking fee in some areas)
Tickets on the door if still avaiable will be £14 (no concessions)
The gig is open to 14+ gig goers, full bar available to over 18s.
Parking and cloakroom available.
Doors 7pm-2am

Hex venue,
3-5 Thomas Street,
CH41 5DD

Links are below:

Really looking forward to this one, hope to see a lot of you there!

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Righto *deep breath*

I'm gutted to have to announce the following. Due to a slight unavoidable delay in finalising the refurb of the Hex venue, and the resulting legal paperwork that this entails, Hex have asked that we cancel our After Dark/Midian night that was to be happening on the 18th of this month. This means that unfortunately we are also having to cancel the Devilish Presley/Screaming Banshee Aircrew/Zombina and the Skeletones/All Gone Dead gig that was to be happening on that date. There will be no main After dark and Midian night for the evening of the 18th Nov.

Obviously we will be doing our best to get these bands back playing for you guys at some point. I, for one was really looking forward to this line-up :( WE WILL be back for a full After Dark/Midian date on Sat Dec 10th @ Hex. We thank all our regulars and the bands and DJs involved for their patience with us through this time. Also...

Hex will be relaunching fully on the evening of the 23rd, with a fantastic show from [sitd] and of course headlining we have VNV Nation. We also have DJ support from Miss616, from the fabulous Dark-cide and Electrocide nights. Additionally there will be cage dancers courtesy of Poison Arts
( )
There are still a few tickets available. The London stage of this tour has now sold out, and the rest of the tour is selling fast, so get them while you can.

Tickets in advance are £12
They are available (with a small booking fee) from the following places:
In person from myself or Jason (without a booking fee)
From the Hex website at:
From the Midian website at:
From Music Non Stop at:
From Bad Ass boutique in Quiggins in Liverpool

Tickets (if there are any left) will be £14 on the door, so it's well worth getting yours in advance if you're planning to go.

Info from:
Our Yahoo! group:
Our LJ:

Cheers everyone
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Looks like John will be joining us on DJing duties for the upcoming After Dark/Midian date on Oct 8th. Good good.

Can I encourage all who be regulars and enjoy it to tell a pal about us, or bring along someone who may not have been for a while? Pass on the good news, as it were.. Due to the fact that we now have to hire the venue, we have been running on tight margins recently. We don't look to the night to make that much, just enough so that we can feed it back into the night, as we do with all our profits. We've had to put up the costs by a measly pound this month for this reason, so the door fee is now £2 before 10pm, and £4 after.. which i'm sure you'll agree is still a bargain for 2 floors!

Anyhoo.. can i also remind all those who haven't as yet got a VNV Nation/ [:SITD:] ticket, but who are planning to come along, that time is creeping up fast to the Nov 23rd, and tickets are selling at a steady pace. You can get them in person from us at the next After Dark/Midian on Oct 8th, with no booking fee.. or of course from Music Non Stop (with a booking fee), and Bad Ass Boutique in Liverpool..


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