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In order to somewhat stream down my rather excessive and unwieldy flist of comms from my personal/DJ journal at

[personal profile] sistercarrion, and to supplement my fic comm at [profile] carrionscreamin, I've decided to set up [profile] carrionfandom for all things fandom related. Hopefully this'll mean that I can make it easier for folks to read what they want to about me. I'm not moving anyone off my personal list, but I'll be posting more fandom related burblings at [profile] carrionfandom, so feel free to add me there too, the more the merrier!

This'll include prompt tables, challenges, memes, Whoville ramblings, and probably an inordinate amount of squee. I'm trying to get my head back into writing some more fic, so please feel free to drop in requests, prompts whatever. I can't always say that they'll get fufilled, but it should give me a good swift kick up the bum to get started, and I'll usually attempt a drabble at least.

Please also help me out by pointing me in the direction of any comms/prompt tables/memes that you think I may find useful. I'm still relatively new to fic writing, and any constructive advice is much appreciated.

Currently, I write within the Doctor Who/ Torchwood fandoms, plus some original fiction. All my fic can be found over at [profile] carrionscreaminto give you an idea of the sort of normal stuff I write.




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