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Below is some info for the next Mercy date. Yes this means they are now longer at Hev'n and Hell, and unfortunately due to the new layout, they no longer require a dJ.. but it's set to be a fab night :)

Hi everyone,

This Saturday sees Mercy's first birthday! It's hard to believe that
it was last Sept when we officially started running Mercy. There's
been a lot of changes since then including a new regular day and a
totally new venue. So, the details: Saturday 3rd September, Bar De
Ville, 14 Fraser St, Liverpool L3 8JX from 9pm-2am with doors
closing at 10.30pm.

Membership is £5 (you do need to sort this out before Friday
evening) and as a special opening offer we are charging a mere £5
entrance to all members.

The website explains how to obtain membership:

Changing facilities and secure cloakroom will be available for those
who don't like the thought of walking around Liverpool in their fet

Snack type food will be available to buy during the evening. Any
sisssy maids who'd like to do some waitressing, just let us know.

We've updated the directions page with a map to make it easy to
find. The 50 foot National Coach Station sign which is right next
door to the venue makes it easy to spot.

There is comfy seating for about 75 people. The bar is well stocked.
There is free parking opposite, and on the surrounding streets, and
a taxi rank right next door. The toilets are spotlessly clean. We
won't have a dance floor and a DJ at this venue, so the music will
be background level, allowing people to chat and socialise easily.
As there aren't any other clubs around, leaving the club should be a
much better experience than at the old venue What more can i say? If
you don't believe me you'll just have to come along for yourself and
see :-)

All in all we've had a lot of interest, and it sounds like it is set
to be a great opening night.

So, who is coming

Mike and tiana
Mercy mobile 07731 976195 between 11am-7pm


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