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Missed the early afternoon fun with the spider, due to having to rest up my leg after yesterday walking about. However we made it out for 6pm, catching the evening stuff. While she was 'sleeping' in Lord Street the barriers were right up against her, allowing the kids and grown up kids to get really close and stroke her. Bumped into Ally briefly, though once things started moving we lost touch. One of the 'handlers' recognised me from yesterday, which made me grin. Ok, so wearing a bowler hat, having green hair, and being on the large side, I'm pretty recognisable. Still, it made me smile, and we had a cool chat while we were waiting about his experiences of the weekend, which was fun.

Nathan with the princess

La Princesse looked *incredible* going through the main shopping stretch, seeming all the more enormous as she towered over the trees and shops. The handlers climbing on the legs to help avoid trees etc are so damn cool, one guy even rescuing a pair of trainers from a tree!

Stopping by the bandstand area, she had a fight with a digger, and there was flames to try to beat her back.. we followed her up to the Concourse Tower again cutting her off by the steps, and going through Lime Street Station. There was a fantastic fire show, and she was lifted once more onto the Tower.. with the operators still onboard! These guys have some SERIOUS bollocks. They finally abseiled down once she was back up there, under the cover of the snowstorm. Amazing stuff.

Once more I've taken a bazillion piccies *g*, and am bloody knackered. But I'm loving this weekend so damn hard! Tomorrow the Tunnel!

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La Machine:Thursday.. haven't had a chance to go see today, but there's some nice piccys of its' removal from Concourse Tower, and setting up at La Base here
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As the sun went down tonight, so La Machine was all lit up. I have piccytures. Lots of lovely piccytures..

And met up with Emma and Paul, which was fun. Apologies for nattering your heads off ten to the dozen.. I was a *tiny* bit excited! Sorry I couldn't stay out to play guys!

But first:
Loose schedule (also lots of lovely lovely pics. Arachnophobes beware!)

An'.. onto the pics..

I've taken tons more, so you're likely to see more as I go through em!

Lovely linkages to further info/vids/pictures:

The French 'scientists' who are 'investigating the new arrival.

Another video from the 'scientist 'Joseph Browning.

More from the 'scientists' worried about 'La Princess' laying eggs!

The creature awoken by demolition work.. also *bless* the old couple at the end of this vid!

Preview vid on the 08 site from down in the ship hanger at Cammell Laird's.. very vague.. but they show you a couple of the guys who operate it..

The local harpist chosen to play from a cherry picker!

More BBC Liverpool coverage

Some info on its' construction from the BBC site:

"The spider was built in Nantes and is 50 feet high weighing 37 tonnes.

Made from steel and reclaimed poplar the spider can move at speeds of up to two miles an hour.

Using 50 hydraulic axes of movement the spider took a year to build.

The technical requirements for the event are immense with 16 cranes being used over the five days along with six forklift trucks and eight cherry pickers.

There are 66 French personnel working on the project in Liverpool along with 20 British musicians and a 250 strong technical and support crew."

It'll also be covered on local media:
"You can listen to comprehensive coverage over the weekend on BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8FM.

At 7.30pm on 10 September, BBC One North West will screen La Machine in Liverpool.  Gordon Burns and Jayne Barrett present extensive coverage of the finale on Sunday and look back across the weekends highlights. The programme will be available on iPlayer after broadcast."

Liverpool Echo coverage



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