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Here, have some cats :) Ghost!cat isn't too impressed by my photography skills:

Piss off and stop taking my picture

Bumbles are growing *really* fast
big bumbles
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Om nom nom

Om nom nom. Here is your daily kitten picture (yes, this will stop at some point!).The bumbles and mum are still doing well :) Feeding is just so funny to watch. They're both feeding brilliantly, but ocassionally they'll find themselves at the same nip, and scramble against and over each other. I'm going out on a limb here.. but I think the one that has a ring of white all the way around is a male, and the one with it's tabby patches connected is a female. I could be wrong though ;) Have ideas for names, but Jase looked at me with a very much WTF expression when I told him, so that could take some work yet!
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Buried the three dead kittens this morning, turned out they all had the severe unoperable cleft palate problem, and the runty one who died very quickly also had a hare lip :( So, very sad, but at least we know it wasn't an infection which could passed to the remaining kittens. And Ghost!cat will be getting neutered as soon as the vet says it's okay after babies weaned, and the babies will be getting done as soon as they're of age/large enough, so no more risk of it happening again. Reading around, it looks like it's commoner amongst persian types than other breeds, so :((


Anyway.. onto the good stuff. Ghost!cat is proving to be a fabulous mum, protective and nudging the remaining two kittens into place, letting us take photos and check on them properly, whilst still very much on her terms. I've taken to calling the little ones 'the Bumbles', in leiu of names. Well until we all feel a little more settled/confident, and I settle on names that suit that is!

Annd piccytures! I have pics of all of them, but I can't bring myself to put up the ones from their birth day yet as they have the ones that died on them, and just.. I can't face that. So these are from today, it's amazing how much they've advanced already!

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