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Reposted for those might be interested:

We are going to try for Sunday 28th May for the Conscript Video Shoot. That is next Sunday. It will be around 12pm to give everyone time to wake up and get into town. We will organise a meeting point probably somewhere like the Pilgrim. We will then be shooting in an alleyway off Hardman Street in the Centre of Liverpool.

The alley is the quietest we could find, very very few cars travel along it and it also has the bonus of run down buildings and fences on one side. However there is a serious WARNING, this is not the cleanest of alleyways and we did spot a needle on the floor while we were there the other day. So when you come along make sure you are wearing some sturdy footwear and make sure you are aware of what you are stepping on at all times, because we don't want anyone getting injured or worse. I will be reminding everyone of this on the day but I thought it would be worth mentioning beforehand in case anyone would not be comfortable with such a situation. If we could have found another location we would have but we simply couldn't so this is all we have to work with.

All we will be asking you to do will be to walk down the alleyway as a group in a kind of V for Vendetta kind of way. As well as standing still in ranks and possibly up and down a stairway in a building around the corner. The uni friend I am working on this with has his flat around the corner so there will be a safe place to leave any cloths or belongings because as with the situation with the alley, we don't want anybody putting things down on the floor.

We will need everyone to wear their most black clothes possible, the closest you can make this to some kind of military looking outfit the better. The shoot should only take a few hours and shouldn't be a very taxing day.

So if you haven't been scared off and you are able to be an extra and will definitely be able to make it on Sunday 28th then please confirm your interest by either commenting this post or emailing me at If you are commenting can you leave a contact email address so that I can send out future information to you over the next week just to confirm things like numbers and meeting times. If you can also rope your friends who might not see these posts into getting involved then that would be much appreciated. Also those people who said they might be able to help out in other ways, could you please just confirm you will be available on this day.

Anyone travelling from the Wirral I will be able to provide a lift to, so I will be in touch with those people nearer the time about transport.

If people can repost this again, I will be very happy :)


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