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Hey all!
Remember this?

Well, someone posted to it recently, and I thought well, why not relaunch the community?

Sooo.. first off.. I thought I'd ask here before I go to the comm.s, 'cause well, you lot are rather ace, and exactly my kind of crazy!sane.
Anyone up for any of the following?

  • I'd like at least another co-mod on board if possible, especially someone who's likely to be awake when I'm asleep, and vice versa, but anyone who knows their TW is more than welcome.
  • Icons. I needs them. Anything to do with time, time travel, stopwatches, history, period TW, characters etc etc.. You get the idea. Full credit and my gratitude natch.
  • Graphics. The lovely [ profile] laurab1  made us a fab header ages ago. I'd love some hand with someone who's up on LJ layout having a go either incorporating this more, or indeed designing some new stuff too.
  • Input. Ideas for topics. Tags I should include. Things I should include/ leave out/ not touch with a bargepole.
So anyone? I'll credit any one who helps, and in return I can offer drabbles/ icons/ fic/ my undying gratitude.
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[profile] carrionscreamin has been updated with some new Torchwood-based fic. Go enjoy, comment, etc... Not beta-d, so feel free to pick apart my spelling!

I'm still after someone to assist in creating a themed layout BTW 

Edit: I've just finished another little ficlet started the other day too.


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