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For once this is on behalf of someone else! A lovely chap called Howard is organising and promoting a charity band event @ Prescot Lodge in Liverpool. Despite being extremely ill himself, he's doing this in aid of Ronald McDonald House, which is based at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool. We've volunteered the use of our PA for the day, and he has one band lined up, but he really needs some more help. He has difficulties getting out and about to speak to people, so this is an appeal for anyone who can help him out in any way. He is wanting to cover as wide a range of music on the day as possible. Obviously as this is for charidee there won't be many funds available for paying those involved, but he says he'll be able to cover people's transport costs. There will also be food available on the day, and local media coverage. Alder Hey are a very worthwhile cause, offering a comfortable and secure friendly enviroment for seriously ill kids and their carers. The event is to take place on Friday 14th July 2006. He needs a few bands who like playing to a general mixed crowd, rather than just yer average goff. He also needs extra bods on the day to help out, including stage hands and sound engineers.

If anyone at all feels they're able to assist, then please contact me either here or via my e-mail:
where I can forward the details on to Howard.

Please feel free to pass on the details to anyone you feel may be able to assist.

Cheers for reading.


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Whee! Thanks to Sophies' fab mum, we have a lovely piece written about the forthcoming charity all-dayer on Sunday, in the entertainment section of the Wirral News. There should be a few other bits and bobs popping up elsewhere too..

Anyone who's still willing to donate goodies to the above cause, is asked to send it to us asap ;) Cheers for all those who have donated so far, you're all stars.


Busy morning, with a flurry of phonecalls and emails.. but i love this bit :)


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Can i refer you all to this post ? I'm after as many goodies as we can possibly sort out for a monster raffle for our charity all dayer.. If you've stickers, lighters, badges, novelty knickers (not worn!), promos, t-shirts cluttering up the place that you'd like to donate.. then please drop me a line asap. It's for a great cause, and anyone generous enough to help us out will get a credit..



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'Lo all...

As part of our charity goth all-dayer on the 25th of this month, we'll be doing a biiigg raffle to try to raise some serious cash for the trust involved. This will be at the ace Hex venue in Birkenhead on the Wirral

More info about the trust that we're supporting at this event )

Sooo I'm basically looking for some items from labels, bands, nightclubs/events etc that would be suitable. The more unusual/bizarre the better! Anything from stickers, keyrings, bottle-openers, lighters, to t-shirts, cds, tickets.. anything really. The only real privisos being that the item needs to be new, and sent to us rather quickly ;)
If peeps can get things to us quickly, we can namecheck all those who donate to us, and your help would be very much appreciated!
Any items can be sent via: sistercarrion
c/o Flat 1, 15 James Street, Prenton, Birkenhead, Merseyside, UK CH43 5RD



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