Jan. 17th, 2010

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A short break in radio silence just to say huge apologies to those who're expecting RP stuff, e-mails, responses etc. A lovely mix of SAD, wrenching my knee, fibro, PMT and a wonderful heavy cold have ensured I've spent a large amount of time asleep this week, or at least attempting to, and my focus/memory isn't good when I am awake. Hopefully, this week'll get better on all this,being able to get out and about now the ice's gone will be a huge help at least.

So, yeah.

Whist I'm here, a quick reminder about the amazing work going on over at the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti  LJ . There's fic of all types, beta-ing, craft stuff, artwork, and lots lots more up for auction, and all in aid of helping Haiti to try and get back on their feet. Really, it's fandom at it's best, and there's lots of good stuff happening there. Go explore, bid, offer your help, anything you feel fit to do.

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In leiu of things I have to think about..

As all these have now been delivered, I thought I'd share some of the things I made for my coven mates and friends this past Yule.

Hair falls.

This set was made for the daughter of a friend, a little girl who'd admired mine earlier in the year. She's just turned seven, and into all things pink and purply and girly. So with this in mind I created this as a surprise. It's made from point 5 Colinette yarn (Paintbox) on elasticated lace, with various plastic bicones and kids beads, and some wooden ones. These are knotted on, or wound on with copper-covered art wire. It's a ponytail set, so the elastic is wound around a normal ponytail or bun, and knotted underneath to keep it on the head securely..

Holly's hair falls )

Some more now, for my adult friend Ali. A gorgeous vibrant redhead, this was aimed primarily to work with her hair colour. There was more yarn used for this, with a lot more length and umm.. bulk ;) The yarn was again from Colinette, but this time there was a mixture of types used. This time the beads were glass art beads, and there were some brass tags in there too. The photos are more strongly orangey than the yarn is in real life, but you get the idea *g*

Ali's Falls )


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